26 February 2010

Penny Black - Bundle of Wishes

I made this card a little while back but not had much time to post it. Still trying to get over a horrible cold which has left me with a nasty cough. I've used the Whisper pens and water brush to colour the image. Still haven't got any more Promarkers yet! Hope you like it. Jeanette

19 February 2010

Penny Black - Frolicking Frogs

I love frogs. Many years ago I used to collect 'anything to do with frogs' and friends and family used to give me gifts of 'anything to do with frogs' too. So after many years of kissing everyone of them I decided it wasn't true about kissing a frog that will turn into a prince and promptly sold them all in a car boot sale before I moved. There just wasn't enough room for them all. I did keep a few special ones though. I love this image Penny Black image. I've added a little glitter to the water and added flat back clear gems to the flower to make it look like droplets of water. Off in the morning for our first craft fayre of the year and really looking forward to catching up with people. Bye for now. Jeanette

18 February 2010

Mother's Day Card

We have a little craft fair on Saturday and strictly speaking I'm only suppose to be selling my handmade books but I thought I'd put a few Mother's Day cards on the table and here's one I made tonight. I've recently posted this image before as a valentine's card but as you can see, he is very versatile and this time he has a bouquet of flowers. In my previous post I made a get well card with a hot water bottle which is perfect to put in his hand for a get well card too. Cute fella isn't he. Jeanette

17 February 2010

Get Well Soon Card

I been under the weather 'in bed with a bug', well not really in bed, still had to work etc but I've had a stinker of a cold and not feeling up to much crafting until this evening. Then I remembered this stamp which I'd bought a long time ago. It's from Stamp Happens and of course it's called 'In Bed with a Bug'. Would have preferred it to have been George Clooney or 'Robbie!! Sniff sniff. Jeanette

13 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day.

Here's another one of those stamps from Las Vegas. Queen Bee looking like she is ready for a good night out! The sentiment was stamped from a Penny Black alphabet set called 'Kate Text', which had never been used. My friend Janine picked it up for me at a car boot sale last summer and she didn't even realise how precious it was to me lol! Hope you like it. Have a good day tomorrow. Jeanette

12 February 2010

Little Princess Concertina Book

I really love putting these books together. Choosing papers and embellishment takes me as long as actually making them. Still, it stops me thinking about work, and start putting the worlds to right. Jeanette.

Baby Girl Concertina Book

I've been busy making some more books this evening and here's one for a baby girl. Hope you like it. Jeanette

11 February 2010

First Love

This stamp is from Las Vegas which I purchased last year and still longing to go back. It reminds me of children in the 50's when things in life were more simpler but I'm sure much harder. Hope you like it. Jeanette

10 February 2010

Valentine Card

Just a Bear by Hobby Art is my choice for Terry's valentine card. I cut around the paw and inserted a wooden heart. Coloured by Whisper pens and a water brush. Hope he likes it. Jeanette

Stamps Happen - Going Shopping

It's Wednesday evening and no evening classes. To think this time last week I was sitting in the exam room! Phew I'm so glad that's all over but I'm already thinking what to do next. Perhaps something a little more leisurely. Tonight image is from a stamp I'd one on eBay at such a cheap price that I think the postage was more than the stamp..........normal then!! I also thought that the woman and dog would be filled in on the stamp but it was just an outline. So I've taken the opportunity to use my Promakers and as I said before I'm limited in colour but I think it looks okay. Hope you like it. Jeanette

9 February 2010

Baby Kitty - Penny Black

Not long got back from aerobics, had a shower and made this quick card. It was already coloured up, so didn't take me too long to put together. I should really be making some more pages for my little books but I can't stop making cards at the moment. I've used glossy accents on the nose, paws and nappy pin and coloured with Whisper pens and a water brush. Not getting on with the Promakers at the moment, but I thinks it's because I have very limited colour range and therefore very little practise. Hope you like it. Jeanette

Sugar Sweet Dreams

Now here is a stamp from Penny Black which is so adorable even if you don't like mice! I think next time I do this image I will add glossy accents to the jar and spoon. Hope you like it. Jeanette

8 February 2010

Three Little Piggies

Well not had much time to make a card tonight as I've been back on my keep fit regime (after all that studying) and just got back from aqua fit and I'm exhausted. So just a very quick card and not a very good one at that but I do love this image. I often decoupage the heads and put little springs behind them to give them a bit of 'action' .....maybe next time. Bye for now. Jeanette

7 February 2010

Concertina Book

Yes another posting, but this time it is a book. My daughter in law bought me some beautiful 'Laura Ashley' papers at Christmas and this time I've used them to make this book. Hope you like it. Jeanette

Penny Black Saturday's Challenge

Thought I'd have a go at another challenge with one of my favourite stamps. This week it is 'Pins and Pearls' and if you fancy a go click here. Hope you like it. Jeanette

6 February 2010

'Friends' Concertina/Squash Book

I'm back making some books again. I'm bursting with idea's having spent weeks not been able to do any crafting. We have a Craft Fayre in a couple of weeks, so need to get on and get some things made. Hope you like it. Jeanette

L@@k What I Got In The Post

What a lovely surprise I got this morning in the post and couldn't wait to share it with you. My great friend Janine is a knitting knutter and made another pair of socks for me. She runs a little knitting club in Somerset and clearly this was her last project. She sources the sock wool from all over the place, even as far as Scotland. They fit perfect and keep your feet so warm. I'm over the moon with these. A BIG THANK YOU Janine The Woolly Wessex Women!! Jeanette

Valentine's Card

I thought I'd try and make a card that wasn't the usual shades of red traditionally shown on valentine's cards. The papers are Laura Ashely and the image is Simon & Lola from Sugar Nellie. Hope you like it. Jeanette

5 February 2010

Exams Are Over!!! Whoop Whoop!

Hellooooooooo and I'm back. Final exam is over and I can finally get back to what I love doing. All of my time has been spent studying, as the course I was taking turned out to be a complete shambles. The disks were late, the tutor couldn't make the lessons and still now I don't think she made up all the classes. I was working away and missed some vital lessons. We had to try and do Saturday's instead of the evenings, blar blar blar. So all in all I'm glad it's all over and fingers crossed I'm hoping to pass.

So here is a card I made very quickly just to try and get back in the swing of things.

The girl stamp is from Sugar Nellie. The background tree is stamped straight onto the card and is from 'Penny Back' called Rambling Ted's Tree and the stamped fence is from Art Impressions which I bought at a bargain price of £1. Hope you like it. Back soon. Jeanette