29 June 2009

Hand Punched and Die Cut Embellishments

I've started to sell small bags of embellishments. These are really handy for people who do not want to invest in lots of punches and dies as it can be very expensive investing in all the equipment as I'm sure you all know. Here are a few bags that I have to show you but there are lots more. Jeanette

Penny Black - Chic

I love these 'stick characters. This is another stamp that I managed to buy from Sue and still got loads to go through. I've tried to use very closely the colours which is shown on the stamp but I thought I might try and make it look more christmassy next time with perhaps cutting around the shape, cutting away the bouquet of flowers and replace it with a Christmas present and using snowy back ground paper. Hmmm yes I think that might work! I'll give a go nearer the time although I've already started to think about Christmas cards....scary. Hope you like her. Jeanette

Sugar Nellie - Dreamer

I love these 'Sugar Nellie' stamps designed by Leanne Ellis. Need to practise the painting though as I think this looks a bit flat but I'll keep trying! Hope you like it. Jeanette

Penny Black - Friends

Love these sheep - they are so cute. I've decoupage the heads and made small springs behind them so it creates a bit of movement. Something I saw at a craft exhibition years ago and finally had a go at it!! Got there in the end. Hope you like it. Jeanette

21 June 2009

Race For Life - We Did It!!

Here we are again at Bournemouth 'Race For Life'. It's my friend Julie's 5th year and my 7th year of completing. Not that it's that difficult as we only ever walk it and what could be nicer than walking along the promenade. There's always lots of support along the way to keep you going anyway. At least this year the weather was just right. We treated ourselves to a lovely ice cream after....well deserved I think!!

20 June 2009

Penny Black - Skipping

Bought a great collection of stamps last week from a lovely lady named Sue and amongst them was some real gems that I have been after for some time. Here is the first one. Stamped with black Stazon, I've used the usual whisper pens with my water brush. I'd like to try out the Copics pens but they are so expensive. I've used crystal lacquers on the tassels on her dress and a little glitter glue in the centre of the flowers. Looking at the card I'm not happy with the flower but as I've been under weather I'm using that as an excuse!! Keep watching as I have to show you some more of the fab stamps in this collection.

PS Race for Life tomorrow, wish me luck!

Pirate's Day in Poole Dorset

Went down to the quay with Michelle and the boys for the pirate's day. It was a great day out, with lots a things going on. The boys loved it, and I was continuing to pop my pain killers!! Being inspired by the day I thought I'd show you a quick card that I've made. All three stamps were bought together on eBay and I love them. The centre scull and bones stamp is by Whipper Snapper Designs and the other two have no name on but are of great quality. Hope you like it.

Ouch!! Been To the Dentist.

I've not been around much in the last week having had a tooth extracted on Tuesday and have been in agony since. I thought having the tooth out would make me feel better but I'm actually worse off now. Had to got back on Friday as the pain was so bad. I'm told that all is okay and it will get better by Sunday (?) and have been prescribed antibiotics again and continue to eat pain killers like they are going out of fashion!! I did ask if there was an infection but have been told no. Dare I say it but I don't believe that for one minute. I 'm not able eat very much, the bonus being that I've lost 5lbs in weight over the past two weeks (I miss my chocolate!) and have not be able to make many cards!! Now that's a nightmare, as Michelle has booked quite a few school fete's and I can feel the pressure is on. Still, surely things can only get better....can't they!

10 June 2009

Butterfly Kitty

The weather here is horrible. What happened to the sunshine? Anyway it's exam day for me today and unfortunately our tutor was off sick last week so no lesson/revision and what with the half term as well I'm not feeling very confident. Here is another 'garage sale' stamp. Penny Black of course. Isn't this an adorable image. Hope you like it. Jeanette

9 June 2009

Father's Day Concertina Books

Here are a couple more books with a father/dad theme. Ideal for putting in photo's of the children, particularly for those dad's that are working away from home. Hope you like them. Jeanette

5 June 2009

How Cute

Here is the cutest Penny Black stamp. I made some baby cards last night and here are a couple of them. Coloured by the whisper pens and used glossy accents to hi-light the nose and paw pads. So sweet - hope you like them. Jeanette

3 June 2009

Thank You

Its been such a long time since I've posted on here. I've been busy with the kids and trying to get my kitchen done. Very slowly getting there now. I've got a few thank you's to say to people. First up is for mum, Thanks for putting my cards on here for me (they look good) and putting up with me coming over and taking over your kitchen.
Second is to Vicky, Thanks for my belated birthday card. It was a lovely surprise. (check out Vicky's blog it can be seen on there)
Third and last one is to Jo at Wimborne Market. Thank you for my watercolouring pen. I've been busy last few nights painting up some images.
I hope to get some cards made soon and will put some photo's on for you all to see.

1 June 2009

Concertina Mini Book

I've created another book. This one has a birthday theme. Love this paper, such lovely bright colours.
Hope you like it. Jeanette

Father's Day Cards

At last!! Michelle has made some cards. These are two are brilliant creations.....worth the wait I think. These are decoupaged and I know they take forever to cut out all the tiny bits on the sheets. You have to have the patience of a saint. Well done Chelle these are fab!!