28 April 2017

Paper Flowers

Somebody asked me the other day, what is my favourite thing to make. After lots of thoughts I decided it was paper flowers. I make 100's and 100's of the following flowers every year, selling them a local craft fairs and I never get bored of making them.  There such a variety of paper and buttons how could I get fed up making them.
I made these flowers for St Georges day.
Bye for now

16 April 2017

My Star Wars Quilling Project Finished

All done. I've finally finished my quilling picture.
I'm quite pleased with the end result as I never had a plan nor have I got much experience in quilling. I just kinda went with the flow and made it up as I went along. However I can see this could have been a lot better and if I was to do this project again I would definitely do it differently.
May The Force Be With You.
Ps on my Facebook page and Instagram you can see a short video of the stages it took to complete it.

9 April 2017

Star Wars Quilling Project

I've been making a picture for myself. Stars Wars from quilling paper but I've run out of paper grrr...

Time to place another order of paper.

6 April 2017

Book Folding

I've been busy folding books again, and I have to admit my hands are aching. I've recently purchased another 100 books which I'm now ploughing through folding.
Here is my favourite heart that I love to create.
Bye for now.