28 June 2016

Paper wreaths

I made one of these a couple of years ago which I use at Christmas and have been dying to make some more and here they are.
They are 12 inches wide so are great for hanging on a wall and the third I've put in my summer house.
Hope you like them

24 June 2016

This Weeks Creations

So here are few more things that I've made this week. Lots of paper flowers ready for a 5 day event in August. This coming week I will need to catch up with book folding, and also start the Christmas stock.

Best get on.

23 June 2016

A Special Birthday

I did another book fold today for some ones very special 70th birthday. I hope they like it.

15 June 2016

Tillie-Belles Birthday Day

So for a change I have made a cake for my granddaughters birthday on Friday.

I hope she likes it.


10 June 2016

I've Made A Card

At last I've made a card. It took me ages and to be honest I'm disappointed. I seem to have left my mojo back in 2015 but I'm not giving up and hopefully my layouts will improved.
Bye for now. Jeanette

9 June 2016

I'm Back

So it's been a year since my last posting, and things have been very busy at the Krafty Kows HQ. I've not been idle, there's been folding, sticking, cutting, stamping, experimenting with new ideas and sometimes a little cursing and not much time for blogging but I'm going to try and keep things up to date this time.......maybe! If you don't see me here you can always catch up with me on Facebook, Instagram, and occasionally Twitter, although I just don't get Twitter!

So for now I'm going to post a few photos of some of the things I've been up to, but I can't stop for long as I have an idea swirly around my head, which I simply must try out......maybe there will be more cursing later!

I'll try and post again very soon with some of the events I'll be attending, so it's bye for now.