15 March 2017

Book Hedgehogs

So I've run out of grey quilling paper and so decided to make a few book hedgehogs.

These have been completed and box up ready for my first craft event in June.
Bye for now

10 March 2017

Progress Has Been Made

I've done a bit more of my picture, just need to fill in the back ground now.
Bye for now

7 March 2017

A New Project

I've decided to finally take the plunge and start a new project just for me. I have not planned it out, but in my head I have an idea, so I'm just going for it and just see what happens. I'm going to be quilling, but this will have to fit in between me making stock for the forth coming events. To be continued.....

6 March 2017

Combined Folded Book and Paper Flowers

So over the weekend I decided to make a folded base in a book and add some paper flowers and a flat bow. I quite like it but think I'll make the vase a little taller next time.
Bye for now.