31 January 2009

Developing Craft Room

Well especially for you Vicky, here is my room so far. I'm still trying to organise but keep finding things that I'd forgotten I had and then have to make a card! It is only a small space but at least now I can keep all my mess in one room. I have a huge cupboard as well and that is jammed packed and in the hall is another cupboard which I have taken over. I think I drove Terry insane with craft bits in the dining room, living room and sometimes in the kitchen. It's nice because I can get everything out and not have to put it away if I'm in a middle of a project. I have been patient though, I've only wait 7years for this!!

28 January 2009

Valentine's Day

Not done much this week, come down with this cold that going around and has knocked me out. But I had a busy week last week making some valentine's cards for mum to sell at the market last weekend. Actually sold one which I didn't expect. Was nice though as it gave me the bug to make more cards until this cold hit me. Hopefully in next couple of days I can get back into it again.

26 January 2009

Flippin men

Has anyone seen the flippin men decoupage sheets yet? They are a must see. I love them got to try find somewhere local who sells them now. They make great mens cards who love a pint in their hand. Check out crafters kitchen

21 January 2009

Our first award. Yipee! A huge Thank You to Vicky for nominating us.
The rules of this Award are:
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OK.... So we'll shall pass this onto... Vicky, Jak Heath, Dawn, Janet, Michelle and Kerry.

16 January 2009

Picked up my two boxes of crafts give away. There was loads. Some great card stock and papers, green and blue stars, skeleton leaves, corrugated card and lots more. A box full of some kind of gems for jewellery making so I'll give those to my daughter in law. I've sorted the bits I can use and put the rest in a box ready for when 'the girls' come up tonight for the weekend. It's Harley's birthday party tomorrow so Michelle will have a house full! Not expecting to get much card making done this weekend. Doh!

15 January 2009

Harley's Birthday Card

This is the card I created for my little grandson Harley. He love's Bob the Builder and goes round saying 'dig dig dig' when he see's him, bless. Can't wait to see him tomorrow.
I have two boxes of 'free' craft items that some lady is giving to me. I have no idea what will be in them but it feels a bit like Christmas again. She said she is a 'retired' crafter so who knows - could be some exciting things. I'm picking the boxes up tomorrow, so I'll let you know.

Harley's 2nd Birthday

Here it is - Harley's birthday cake made by my own fair hands. I love cake decorating but hate the mess it makes. I worked from home for about 7 years (when the children were small) making all kinds of cakes. The most enjoyable bit was the challenges, especially when in those days we didn't have the books or the products that are around now (Now I'm really starting to sound old), and people would ask for cakes like Thomas the Tank Engine, Knight Rider, Mint Aero Bar, My little Pony, Darth Vader, Computer, the list was endless but I never said no and would wake up in the night trying to work out how I was going to be able to make that Horses Head, or Dracula in a Coffin! I made hundreds but alas made very little money. Best of all was making the wedding cakes when they used to come back years later with the top tier , asking me to redecorate for their baby's christening. Anyway I hope you like it. Next week is a Pink Caterpillar for my niece.

No Sleep Last Night But Plenty of Cards Made

I couldn't sleep last night, so I stayed up all night and made some cards (this happens to me now again.....might be my age?) Now I'm really tired and have got to do a full day's work and I know it's going to busy (the norm). So I think it will be an early night tonight and no card making......well maybe just one that I didn't manage to finish and I've got to finish Harley's birthday cake for Friday.........TOMORROW.
Still more flowery cards.
I've been asked to make some more cards for Wimborne hospital. I sell them very cheaply to one of the volunteers there (just about covering my costs) and they put a mark up on them to raise some money. By all accounts they really like them. I get the call roughly every 2-3 months and they just like to have general birthday cards, which is why I think I've gone into to a flowery mode. It was really weird, as a couple of years ago I had to go to the hospital and there were my cards in the reception area for sale! Still as you can see Michelle is starting to get some time to herself again now and is back making cards (see her cards below). That will hopefully take some of the pressure of me and I can get back to making some more books. Bye for now.....Jeanette.

14 January 2009

Well I'm having flowery moments now! Michelle and I went to our local craft shop 'Craft Daft' on Saturday and I ended up buying some nestabilities, and just had to have a quick play with them. Well I'm really impressed and absolutely love them and will definitely buy more. I used them in our Sizzix machine but I am hopefully going to invest in the 'cuttlebug' very soon so I can use them in that (Michelle is nagging me for the Sizzix machine back!).

Birthday Cards

January is a busy month for birthdays for me. Not only is it Harley's birthday but it is also my mum's partners same day as Harley's. And I have my dad's the following day. Plus my cousins birthday about a week later. So I was trying hard not to leave things to the last minute this year and plan in advance but as usual been side tracked with the kids. Though did manage to get my brother in laws card done and that not until February.

13 January 2009

It is Harley's (first son) second birthday on Friday and he is mad for Disney Pixars Cars film at the moment. so I decided to make him a cars birthday card. I found the picture of lightening mcqueen and background paper by searching in google and I decoupage the car to make it stand out more. I finally used my big bite and gromlets I got and messed around on the computer until I found the right font to put as a message. Can't wait to see his face on Friday morning.