21 September 2009

'Friend' Concertina Book

I've managed to get a few books done this evening. The 'friends' book I may use to give to my friend and put our Las Vegas trip photo's in when we get back - I thought this would make a great memento, however I had discovered a rubber stamping store not far from where we are going to be staying. It's called Viva Las Vegastamps follow this link to view and you'll see why I'm so excited about finding this store. Apart from all the 1000's & 1000's of stamps there, I'm hoping there may be some scrapbooking pages that may be more topical of our trip away. Oooh I'm sooooooo excited.

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  1. Hi!
    I found your blog in this site of VLV Store at Las Vegas.
    I recently visited this store with a friend who live in Vegas... great store.
    How you did the concetina book i love this idea.. do you have the instructions.

    Greetings from Puerto Rico


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