24 June 2011

Wedding cards & presents

I decided to show you all some of the lovely cards and gifts we received. Here is a lovely heart decoration handmade by my lovely northern friend (as Blue calls her) Vicky. I was shocked to receive it in the post, didn't expect it. It now sits proudly hanging from my fireplace.

And here is the lovely card Vicky made me too. She made it to match our beach theme and hand wrote our names and date of wedding. Thank you Vicky.

This card was from our children. Mum made this card for them to send to us. Should of taken a photo of inside as they done some lovely pictures for us (obviously take after mummy). Haven't posted the card mum sent us as she beat me to it already posted it on.

And finally the most gorgeous card I have ever seen. I so wish I was this talented. I was totally surprised by this lovely lovely card that Mandy sent us. It has really inspired me to get our my craft items and get back into it as soon as I'm back on my feet. Thank you so so much Mandy for your beautiful card and and lovely wishes. Michelle

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Sandra said...

These are gorgeous......:) Sandra H