22 June 2011

Look What I Found In My Garden

I was digging away yesterday removing a tonne of weeds and grass when suddenly I saw this tiny creature wriggly at the end of my fork. My heart went in my mouth and I gently put him in an old fish tank and left him (for dead to be honest!). Half an hour later there he was gingerly moving (phew thank god!). I think it's a newt but he's very small, so I've put him in the tank (made it creature friendly) and at the weekend I'll take him to the little brook not far from were we live. Thought I'd show him to my grandson first. Jeanette

1 comment:

Sandra said...

WOW...........How surprised was you to come across this little fella nice that you saved it and it will be re-homed shortly.....:) Sandra H