20 June 2010

Race For Life - Yes We Did It Again!!

The view from the top of the cliff of Bournemouth pier Just trying to get to the start of the race.

Julie and I before the race (omg look at my double chin and the 'joker' mouth)

Today was Race for Life at Bournemouth Beach. This is my 8th time, which is how many years I've been living down in Dorset. My friend Julie joined me again this year, and we strutted our stuff along the promenade from Bournemouth pier, and then about 500 metres pass Boscombe pier, and then turned around to go back again. I can tell you it was approx 6850 steps, we burnt 365 calories ( also my face, chest and arms!) and it took us 55mins with one 'p' stop on the way. We never run, I don't think my knees could take the strain.
What a great day it was, especially after having just spent two weeks working at our head office in Middlesex, being cooped up in one room every night, stuffy air pollution (near Heathrow!) and the fast pace of life..........stress stress stress.....phew so glad to be back, but it was nice to see everybody again.
I'm hoping to be back with a few cards and books soon. Bye for now. Jeanette


Where the nodding violets grow said...

Look at you. Zola Budd eat your heart out. Well done. It's nice to have you back.

Mandy said...

Well done to you and Julie...Look at that beautiful sunshine and scenery, one of my most favourite places to visit..Bet your glad the race for life wasn't at Durdle Door,always makes my legs ache but I walk it everytime we are down there for the view from the top...
Mandy xx

miscanthuscrafts said...