20 June 2009

Ouch!! Been To the Dentist.

I've not been around much in the last week having had a tooth extracted on Tuesday and have been in agony since. I thought having the tooth out would make me feel better but I'm actually worse off now. Had to got back on Friday as the pain was so bad. I'm told that all is okay and it will get better by Sunday (?) and have been prescribed antibiotics again and continue to eat pain killers like they are going out of fashion!! I did ask if there was an infection but have been told no. Dare I say it but I don't believe that for one minute. I 'm not able eat very much, the bonus being that I've lost 5lbs in weight over the past two weeks (I miss my chocolate!) and have not be able to make many cards!! Now that's a nightmare, as Michelle has booked quite a few school fete's and I can feel the pressure is on. Still, surely things can only get better....can't they!

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