22 February 2013

50th Birthday Cake

I got persuaded to make a cake for my boss. I try not to make too many these days, usually I restrict it to family only, but I crumbled (ha ha) and asked him what he would like and as he is an Accountant he settled for an old ledger book and wanted fruit cake and sponge cake! Well blow me, this was a challenge and I had wondered what I let myself in for. Doing the cake isn't the problem, it's the time that's so precious and the evenings are still dark so it's difficult in artificial light to ice cakes, but I couldn't be beaten on this one and here it is:

One half the cake is sponge and the other is fruit cake. God I hope he likes it.
It's being delivered tomorrow and whilst I'm in the area I'm doing lunch with a girlfriend and looking forward to that.
Phew what a relief it's all over. Now my next cake project is a three tier sponge wedding cake. Why don't I ever get the easy tasks!

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