24 August 2010

A Blog Award

Hi, and how nice it was to see Michelle finally make some postings today. She does have her hands full with my two little grandsons but in time she will be back!!

So Clare at Miscanthus Crafts has passed on a Blog Award - Cherry On Top Award, thank you very much Clare. So here are the questions to be answered:
1. Say thank you: Thank you Clare.
2. Post it on your Blog: Done
3. Three things you like about yourself: Hardworking, Determination and Dedication.
4. Post a picture you love: I have 100's of photo's that I could post but this is the place I aim to go back to with one of my bestest friends. Viva Las Vegas - we love you!!
5. Tag 5 more people who leave lovely comments:
Debby - Debbie4000

1 comment:

Vicky said...

thankyou for this tag!!! i shall get round to putting it on my blog asap :) xxxxxx