29 July 2010

Stage 2 of The Wedding Cake & A Strange Carrot!

No card tonight, well not at the moment, got some 'work in progress'. Anyhoooo, I have got to the second stage of the cake, with only two weeks to go to the wedding, everything is on track, except for one thing. I hadn't bargained on the cake being so heavy. I can hardly lift it and I'm in a complete blind panic on how the 'hell' am I going to lift this into the car let alone travel 100 miles to it's destination.........oh crikey! Well too late now, I can only keep my fingers crossed, talking of which look at my strange carrot!!!

Yes I know it does look, well a little 'rude' shall we say. I have this year grown lots of my own vegetables. There are some in the ground but mostly in pots and dustbins all around the garden. There's lettuces (100's of them), beetroot, onions, spring onions, peas, parsnips, potatoes in dustbins, butternut squash, pumpkins (just for Halloween) and cucumbers.....oh yes and eaten by caterpillars broccoli, which they've really enjoyed and we wont. So the first carrot I pulled out looked like this. I'm getting very excited at what the next shape might be! Bye for now. Jeanette

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Vicky said...

love the look of that cake! fab! xx