5 March 2010

Woohoo - Still Here

What a nightmare I've had. Finally shifted the cold I had. Thought I'd have a craft room clear out and put quite a lot of bits 'n' bobs on ebay.
Then the very next day was told I would have to work at one of our branches in Kent. Oh no I thought, all my auctions end the day I have to travel. Not much I could do but just hoped all would be understanding. After working 3 days at 10-11 hours long to get the job finished, and staying all alone in a hotel room (gots lots of images painted!) I was looking forward to going home lunchtime on Thursday. 18 miles from home the car broke down on the M27 motorway.....so a very very nice AA man did a temporary repair and finally got home 5 hours later!!
Tired and irritable I thought I'd quickly view the blog and do a bit of blog hopping......and what do you know....I'd won some blog candy from Lisa which was just a fantastic end to my day!
So no posting of cards this week but hopefully after I get my car fixed and the housework done tomorrow I can finally do a bit of crafting. Jeanette

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janine1234 said...

What a day. Glad you got home safely in the end. Put your feet up and do some crafting while watching the FA cup this weekend!! Janine