28 May 2009

Fathers Day Card

I was inspired to make this card from looking at Vicky's blog. As it happens the stamp was given to me by Janette at Saturday's garage sale for free. Like Vicki I cut the tree and branches randomly and hoped for the best!(I thought about drawing it out only afterwards) I used some leaf eyelets which I slightly squashed as I wanted them raised and not punched through the card. The grass buttons I've had for ages so at last I've found a use for them! He's a real cute owl and there is some funny text that comes with him but I'll include that on another card one day.......
Hope you like it. Jeanette

1 comment:

Vicky said...

heheheh...lovely! thanks for the mention.... glad i inspired you. funny you should say that actually as you inspired me today...been having a go at making a little maze book. notput any pics in it yet tho. will upload when im finished.xx