29 April 2009

Stitch & Craft Show

Went to a Stitch & Craft Show on Saturday with a very dear friend of mine, Janine (who incidentally laughs at me having a blog) and was quite disappointed, especially when there were stands selling...beds...woodcutting tools....food..???? If I'd wanted to buy these sort of items I would have gone to a Home Exhibition, so I don't think I'll bother with the next one. But not all was lost as I did manage to spend some time with Janine after and here I am in her new (old) car. She took me out for a ride in it, it was just like Thelma and Louise gone wrong. It rattled, shaked and made you realise how today's cars had actually become very luxurious. No need for air con in this car. What great fun! Terry......I want one!

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