15 January 2009

Still more flowery cards.
I've been asked to make some more cards for Wimborne hospital. I sell them very cheaply to one of the volunteers there (just about covering my costs) and they put a mark up on them to raise some money. By all accounts they really like them. I get the call roughly every 2-3 months and they just like to have general birthday cards, which is why I think I've gone into to a flowery mode. It was really weird, as a couple of years ago I had to go to the hospital and there were my cards in the reception area for sale! Still as you can see Michelle is starting to get some time to herself again now and is back making cards (see her cards below). That will hopefully take some of the pressure of me and I can get back to making some more books. Bye for now.....Jeanette.

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TuneQueen said...

Your cards are beautiful!