18 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely mum's out there.
Hope you've all had a lovely day and have been spoilt rotten.
My boys showered me with chocolates and flowers and even a little lay in this morning. Bless Lucas he came in yesterday after going shopping with daddy to tell me he got me flowers for mother's day as soon as he walked through the door. Got to love the Innocence from kids.

Just a quick post as I wanted to share my cards I'd made for mum and mother in law. Couldn't put them on before as they are always on here.
 Mum's card.
Had to be a cow image being we're krafty kows. Also mum is into her knitting too at moment.

Blue's mum card.
She loves the colour purple so incorporated purple on the card design.
Really pleased with both cards how they turned out.

Now onto the mini krafty kows in the making.
Here are the cards my boys came home with from school for mummy.
 Harley's card

Lucas's card.
Sorry photos are poor due to lighting in my house.
Hope you like and enjoy the rest of your evening. Michelle xx

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Vic said...

awww...some lovely cards here Chelle! very cute, those cards from the boys! awww..... btw... thanks for the happy birthday on your blog...even tho you did forget to say it on the phone! (we were far too busy catching up with everything else!!) xxxx ;)