20 September 2011

Back From Hols - Knitted Cupcake

Well I've returned back from my lovely holiday in St Ives in Cornwall and what a great place to inspire your crafting. Lots of 'Shabby Chic' shops but the shop that inspired me the most was a little shop in Redruth. In this shop there was everything handmade nothing brought in. Chatting to the friendly lady there (sorry didn't think to ask her name - how rude!) she was telling me that there is a group of ladies that all create different things and sell them in the shop and it's brilliant. There's paintings, jewellery, cards, flowers of all kinds, bunting, well just about everything. They've only been opened 3 months so I hope they do well. Anyway just a quickie post - whilst I was in my chillaxing holiday I took to knitting and back enjoying this craft again. You may have seen my little packs of cupcake toppers which sold very well at the craft fairs but some people weren't sure what they were, then it came to me........knit a cupcake and display a topper! Tah dar and here it is! I googled a few patterns, the first one came out like a 'willy warmer' but the second one, after a few tweeks and adding some tinys beads, looks a bit better. Hope you like it. Jeanette


Sandra said...

Well i never!! this is just brilliant no promerkers in sight......lol its just so amazing i love it:) Sandra H

sara said...

i think this is wonderful, im a bit concerned that you know what a willy warmer looks like ;p

Lee said...

Gorgeous i love it.x