22 June 2010

Sticky Notes Holders

Here I have made some sticky note holders ready for a little school fete on Saturday. I made few quite some time ago and sold most of them at Upton House back at Easter. I needed a break from making the concertina books, as that's all I seem to be making at the moment, book after book after book!!
Some how I need to find time to make some note books as well before Saturday, but the blade has gone blunt on my cutter and can't find anywhere that does the replacement blades. Doh, I may need to invest in a new one and can't make my mind up whether to get a slide cutter again or a guillotine style one. I've also got my eye on entering a few challenges, but realised I've run out of cards, so now need to make an order. Gotta go, I'm sure I stash some cards somewhere. Jeanette

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miscanthuscrafts said...

that is a good idea, it is our school fete tomorrow. shame i didn't see the idea sooner!! perhaps next year? thanks for sharing. ClareX