29 May 2010

Back From My Hols!

Well I've just returned from my hols about 4 hours ago. Washings being done and we've done our weeks shopping, so life's already returning back to normal..........................so soon!! We went on a short Scandinavian cruise, which took us to Belgium. Denmark. Sweden & Norway. Unfortunately when we got to Oslo Norway the dockers were threatening to go on strike, so we were unable to dock. Our Captain wouldn't take the chance nor would he be caught up in such a dispute at the risk of not being able to disembark and being used as a pawn in their dispute. We all backed up the Captain on his decision but we were all very angry with the Norwegians for this as this for me, in particular, was a place I was really looking forward to seeing. I had heard Oslo is was a pretty place and to have travelled all that way and not being able to walk around the place's of interest. Still we didn't let it spoil our holiday and here are a few photo's.
This is the sea front in Blankenberg, Belgium. Much like Margate, Brighton, or Bournemouth. Lovely beach and lots of hotels with shops selling 'buckets and spades' etc. There were also places of interest and history. I wanted to get on the train a go to Brussels, which was only 10 mins away but Terry was worried about getting back on time.

A beautiful sunset between Belgium and Denmark. (No there wasn't three suns, I think the glass caused this..........spooky isn't it)

This is Copenhagen, and I have to say I really liked it here. It seems to be a city of young people, with plenty of arts and design. Lots of places of interest and history here. Above is the Rosenborg Castle. We walked through the Kings gardens, which was really lovely.

We also visited the Botanical Gardens there which had a tropical hot house and above are a couple of pictures. You can walk up very steep, narrow spiral staircase to the top, which I did. Wow it was hot but this was the best place to see the flowers. It was amazing.

And here is a view of our ship across Helsingborg in Sweden. A small town but guess what, I only found a little craft shop and of course just had to go in. I purchased a little rubber stamp which has been designed by a local artist, but more about that at a later date.

A few pictures of Norway from the ship and that's all I'm going to say about that!

Back later. Jeanette


Where the nodding violets grow said...

Great photos Jeanette. Sorry, I forgot you were on holiday. Glad you had a great time.

Vicky said...

what a fabulous holiday! i LOVE blankenberg...brings back so many happy memories...used to go there as a child. are the crazy bikes still on the prom? xxx

Vicky said...

PS... its a shame you didnt get to Brussels...absolutely stunning place. the Grande Place is fabulous! xx