30 March 2010

Mini Photo Book

Here is a mini photo book. They only measure 8cm square. The inside sheet is made from a 12'' x 12" is scrapbooking page. It is folded and cut in such a way that you end up with the pages patterned on both sides. It's a very clever idea. I'm started to panic now though because I'm not sure I have enough variety of books for this weekends craft show which I'm there for two days. I've been told the weather is not going to be very nice. Which perhaps is good in some ways, because people may come and visit but in others may not bother going out. On the other hand if it's nice and sunny they may well all go off to the beach. I know where I would like to be if the sun's does come out!
Good News!!! Terry and I was talking about buying a new camera on Saturday and would you believe it Terry won on the Thunderball - got four numbers which was £100!! Whoop whoop. I've not had a go yet but hopefully my pictures might improve. Jeanette

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