14 December 2009

Harley's creative moments

Today Harley has had a very busy day. This morning Mummy, Nanny and Little Brother Lucas went and watch Harley in his first Nativity play at his pre-school. He done very well joining in with the singing and actions to the songs and sat beautifully. Mummy's very proud of you Harley. This afternoon we went to the "Big Tesco" as Harley says to buy some ingredients for our magical reindeer dust. We made some party bags for our local tots group we go to on a Tuesday afternoon, as its their Christmas party tomorrow. Our bags are made up of some magical reindeer dust and a Christmas shaped biscuit made by Harley this afternoon. We were lucky to get some lovely decorated bags from our friend Janette. Thank you Janette.

At the beginning of December myself and Harley started to get the Christmas spirit going in our house. We been busy making cards for the family. I won't show Harley's as it will spoil the surprise for nanny. But will put on at later date for you all to see. We've also been colouring Christmas pictures and have made window decorations. (This one is for you Vicky, take you back down memory lane) Harley painted a lovely Christmas tree and stuck lots of decoations he coloured and lots of glitter, whilst mummy painted a murual of Bob the Builder and Iggle Piggle (from in the night garden). We hope you like our creations. Harley and Michelle. xx

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