20 August 2009

Baby Gift Bags

Here is another one of my ideas. I seem to be full of them at mo. Feeling very inspired! The idea came to me one evening. When I had both my boys most of the gifts I was given were in the gift bags you can buy and although I wanted to keep them for their memory boxes but they soon became worn unable to keep. So my idea is to make gifts bags using the Eco jute bags, embellish them with various unique designs. They can then be used forever, to store all the congrats cards, baby's first outfit etc. Or to use on a day to day basis whilst out with baby or shopping, the list is endless. I then came up with making it a gift package. The package would consist on a baby card of choice, CD book of choice and a nappy cake all in with the bag. It just so happened that two friends of mine both gave birth to little girls, so what better gift to give them. (Congrats Sarah and Congrats Paula) One bag I've embellished with weaving ribbon and tying a bow and the other I've used my sizzix to cut out prams and put button on the wheels. On the nappy cake I have made roses using a pair of mittens and socks. What do you think. Chelle x

1 comment:

Vicky said...

lovely...glad you liked my idea of the jute bags! you have made them look lovely xx