15 January 2009

Harley's 2nd Birthday

Here it is - Harley's birthday cake made by my own fair hands. I love cake decorating but hate the mess it makes. I worked from home for about 7 years (when the children were small) making all kinds of cakes. The most enjoyable bit was the challenges, especially when in those days we didn't have the books or the products that are around now (Now I'm really starting to sound old), and people would ask for cakes like Thomas the Tank Engine, Knight Rider, Mint Aero Bar, My little Pony, Darth Vader, Computer, the list was endless but I never said no and would wake up in the night trying to work out how I was going to be able to make that Horses Head, or Dracula in a Coffin! I made hundreds but alas made very little money. Best of all was making the wedding cakes when they used to come back years later with the top tier , asking me to redecorate for their baby's christening. Anyway I hope you like it. Next week is a Pink Caterpillar for my niece.

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